Succumb To Veganism

Succumb – Definition : To yield to superior strength or force or overpowering appeal or desire.

In other words i have decided to become a Vegan Bodybuilder, partly due to my Wife who has herself made the transition, also after looking into what animal products can do to the human health I am determined to eat healthier, train harder and be fitter.


My biggest worry has been a lack of knowledge in what Vegan food can offer me in regards to Carbs, Protien, Calories etc… I am very fortunate that my wife is a whizz at this and has opened a website called, where she is sharing lots of information like recipes, information, books amongst other things.

She is doing extensive research into a diet plan for me so as to make this transition easier, i will of course be posting updates into how it is changing my life.

Take care for now and Vegan Love to all!


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