Back to the Gym!

I have finally been able to lift some weights today after 3 weeks of Pain with a shoulder Injury. Have started small but its a start.


This is thanks to reading about someone else who has had the same problem for 2 years and after taking Glucosamine Sulphate with Chondroitin for a few weeks I have noticed a big difference.



Your body produces Glucosamine and  Chondroitin are both found naturally in the body, but as you get older or if you exercise a great deal, you do need to give your body a helping hand.

Glucosamine is the fluid that is around the joints and stimulates the formation (and repair) of articular cartilage. Chondroitin prevents other body enzymes from degrading the building blocks of joint cartilage. Together, they form a complex pathway of millions of biochemical pathways in the human body.


I have also been wearing a double shoulder support just to help with the stress levels involved and have found this not only supports but helps keep the joints warm which is better for repair.



I hope this will be of help to anyone suffering at the moment with joint pains.

Take care and will Blog soon. Vegan Love XXXXXX


In The Gym

Thought i would post up a couple of videos of me in the Gym just to let you know that a Vegan Diet really does work for Bodybuilding!

My bodyshape has changed more in the last week while eating Vegan than it did in 3 months eating Dairy, Meat, Fish and using Supplements!

I will post up soon my diet for 1 day and what i eat with pictures!

Hope you enjoy take care and Vegan Love to all!


Succumb To Veganism

Succumb – Definition : To yield to superior strength or force or overpowering appeal or desire.

In other words i have decided to become a Vegan Bodybuilder, partly due to my Wife who has herself made the transition, also after looking into what animal products can do to the human health I am determined to eat healthier, train harder and be fitter.


My biggest worry has been a lack of knowledge in what Vegan food can offer me in regards to Carbs, Protien, Calories etc… I am very fortunate that my wife is a whizz at this and has opened a website called, where she is sharing lots of information like recipes, information, books amongst other things.

She is doing extensive research into a diet plan for me so as to make this transition easier, i will of course be posting updates into how it is changing my life.

Take care for now and Vegan Love to all!

My Bodybuilding Trip

Hi, my name is Matt, I live in the UK and decided that at the ripe old age of 41 i would join a Gym to get fit. Now 1 thing led to another and i have got hooked on Bodybuilding. It is now 3 months down the line and i have noticed some big changes in my body shape and strength. My wife has just become a Vegan, so the interesting routine of diets come into play big time. I myself might become a Vegan down the line, knowing that she has a few followers on her Blog that are Vegan Bodybuilders. So this blog will tell my story and journey as i continue to improve my physical shape while juggling being a husband and father to 4 children.

Here is a picture of me 1 month after starting this lifestyle.