Vegan Bodybuilding Food For 1 Day

Well guys I have finally got around to posting what I eat in a day. All this food is great for your health and also good for packing on that muscle.


I start off with a Green Juice packed with Vitamins and goodness then a bowl of oatmeal which is mixed with 50/50 Filtered water and Rice Milk topped off with sliced Banana, Blueberries and Agave Syrup. YUMMY!

I will then have a Soya Protein Shake.

Mid Morning Snack

After a 1 hour session in the Gym I will have another Soya Protein Shake before going into the Swimming Pool, Sauna and Jacuzzi!

Now the real tasty meals come into play when I get home with some Garlic and Peanut Butter Brocolli with Red Peppers.


For a great lunchtime meal I will have some Aubergine with Teriyaki sauce and a Falafel and Houmous Sandwich with Wholegrain Mustard and Sun Dried Tomatoes.

Mid Afternoon Snack

For a great afternoon snack I will have a Banana for starters and maybe some Curry Cauliflower and a Quinoa Salad.


For dinner I have found this fantastic recipe for Pesto and Nut Sausages that are amazing,  a wonderful Vegan Recipe for Pancakes with Agave Syrup and Strawberries. I will also have another Soya Protein Shake!

Evening Snack

For a nice snack in the evening I will opt for some Organic Peanut Butter on Toast. Finished off with some fresh Fruit!

I will also take some Multivitamins and drink throughout the day around 5-6 litres of filtered water.

If you like any of these recipes they can be found at

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog as much as I enjoy eating this amazing food.

Take care and Vegan Love to all!